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Who We Are


The People of God

  • We are people who believe in the word of God and take seriously the words of Jesus to witness to the world around us.
  • We believe that our mandate is to share the love of Christ across cultural, racial, and social boundaries.
  • We also believe that the Spirit of Christ is active in our midst directing us in the various social ministries of our church.
  • Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church's motto is, "The House of Faith for the Family." It is important to us that the home and family be sacred.

Mission Statement

To perpetuate the kingdom agenda (love, hospitality, and justice) of God as expressed in the life and works of Jesus the Christ and to be continuously engaged by the Holy Spirit in the work of ministry in becoming God's transforming agents in the world (John 14:12)

Core Values

Core Values are those principles that guide the ministry leadership team of the FABC family in its conduct and behavior toward each other, the congregation, the community and the administration of the gifts, talents, and resources of FABC. The following core values summarize our understanding of the commitment we make in fulfillment of our mission. 









Assumption of Faith

Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church is a part of the Kingdom of God, yet not the sum total of it.  God is active and participating in salvation history. The achievement of a genuine community is possible through God's endearing love.  The Kingdom of God is being fulfilled in us. 

Affirmation of Faith

Pastor: We are the body of Christ

People: We are Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church

Pastor: We are the body of Christ

People: We are the House of Faith for the Family

Pastor: We are the body of Christ

All: We are the body of Christ - Where Jesus the Christ is Lord of All