July 22, 2018 - Pastor David G. Latimore

"Arise, it's time to get up"

Scripture: Matthew 9: 27 - 30 and Mark 5:39-42

Jairus ran to Jesus asking Him to heal his daughter.  On the way to the place where Jairus' daughter lay ill, Jesus was approached by a woman with an issue of blood who desired to be healed.  Jesus stopped to heal the woman and by the time he reached the Jairus' daughter she was dead.  Jairus' family and friends believed that hope was lost because Jesus did not arrive until after the girl had died.  Despite the hopelessness of the situation, Jesus healed Jairus' daughter.

  • In times of trouble, where do you run to?
    • We should always get up and run to Jesus
  • Why would anyone not run to Jesus?
    • Many people have the mistaken notion that Jesus only helps certain types of people - those who "live right" or those who are faithful in service.
    • Jesus is ready and willing to help anyone who will humble themselves and come to Him regardless of the condition of their life - your life doesn't have to be "right" 
  • The reason people "live right"/ do as God commands is not to earn God's favor but the result of what God has already done.
  • Our Christian life style is an outward showing of our thanksgiving to God.
  • God responds to our needs out of compassion, not based on our merits.
  • We are all recipients of unmerited blessings.
  • Don't let your condition or position stop you from getting to Jesus.
  • Your understanding does not stop Jesus' power
  • Often times we are prisoners of our facts but God is bigger than our facts.
  • There is deliverance in your future when you run to Jesus so don't allow yourself to be distracted by the facts.
  • If you are too tired or too weak to run to Jesus, just as He came to Jairus' daughter, He will come to you.