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Signed in as:




Onie Moore, Chair of Deacons

Catherine Majors, Co-Chair

Reba Simmons, Co-Chair



To serve as the Biblical custodians of the Baptist church expressing basic concern for the spiritual life of the congregation. To exemplify Christian lifestyle through the demonstration of character, commitment to evangelism and teaching. To guard the tradition of faith assisting members in their spiritual pilgrimage and providing humanitarian assistance when requested.


The Diakonos Family Ministry plan is a shared ministry of the Pastor.  Deacons and Deaconess (servant leaders) of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church.  It is a plan through which the Diakonos can join the Pastor in ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each member and family.  The purpose is to provide a more hands on approach to care, nurturing, sustaining, and guiding of each member in crises and in their spiritual growth.  We want to make certain that every member and family in our church experiences the love and support of the whole congregation.

Life Spring

Co-Chairs: Reverend Jeanine Miller and Angela Denmark

To share Christ's compassion by supporting, nurturing and encouraging those who experience painful or significant life challenges and crises so that they may attain spiritual renewal, restoration and reconciliation. (Mark 1:40-42; Gal. 5:22-23)

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide loving Spirit-filled emotional support during times of difficulty. To offer confidential, time limited support groups (Eph. 4:2; Ps 94:18-19).
  • To provide caring nurturance. (Gal. 6:2) To caringly nurture by engaging in intercessory prayer and providing opportunities for fellowshipping.
  • To uplift and encourage. (Ro. 15:5-7, 18) To Provide telephone calls, visits, and words of encouragement.