Mission Ministries

Health and Wellness Ministry


Sis. Olivia Brown, Coordinator

Sis. Cynthia Dawkins, Co-Coordinator

 To provide first-aid services to congregants during church services. Provide opportunities for training in health related areas. 

Love Kitchen


Sis. Betty Burgess, Coordinator

To provide nutritional support. A hot nutritious lunch  is served on Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. to those who are in need. This outreach ministry provides a way for Christians to "Reach up to God by reaching out to humanity."

Post Office Ministry

Sis. Thelma Norris, Coordinator

The purpose of the Post Office Ministry is to provide a tool for the members to share greetings and concerns during the holiday season without incurring the cost of the public mail.

Benevolence Ministry


Deacons Wenford Barnes, 

Betty Jones, and Gail Mays, 


The Benevolence Committee is a vital link between a needy world and Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church. This committee mobilizes resources and provides services to persons within and beyond our church walls who are experiencing health or welfare crises. The aim of the Benevolence Committee is to encourage wholeness and empower people to care for themselves and for others. The purpose of the Benevolence Committee is to make God's grace and love real to others.

Community Development Corporation


Sis. Carlina Rollins, Director


The history of the FABCDC is rooted in its long-standing commitment to fulfill “the Word becoming flesh and moving into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, The Message).  We embrace a holistic and logical approach to community economic development in which we invest in people through long-term relationships, while attending to the multiple needs they may have.


To facilitate opportunities and services to underrepresented groups in Nashville through social, educational and economic enrichment and to participate in the revitalization of North Nashville through economic development for the people of the community.

CDC Website