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Christian Education Ministries

Church School


Sis. Arena Groves, Superintendent 

The Church school is committed to church growth through Christian Education. Our mission is one of evangelism, outreach, and teaching. It is our goal to have the entire membership of FABC and any others who will come and study enrolled in the Church school. The Church school is organized into Five Divisions: Preschool, Children, Youth, Adult and Weekday Divisions.

New Members Orientation


Rev. Jeanine Miller & Rev. Stacy Williams, Coordinators

A four-week orientation of the doctrine, organizational structure, basic Christian beliefs and discipleship process of the Church.

Adult Class


8:45 A.M. in the Conference Room

Children and Youth Class


8:45 A.M. the last week of each quarter.

Members will be notified when to attend.

Vacation Bible School


Rev. Jeanine C. Miller, Coordinator

Provides an intensive one-week Christian Education opportunity for both the FABC and the community.

William F. Buchanan Christ Fund & Anna Bell Jones Scholarship


Sis. Tracey Tatum, Coordinator

The purpose of Christ Fund is to promote responsible stewardship of special gifts and wills by rewarding academic excellence, citizenship, and service to the community, church and school by providing financial assistance in the pursuit of undergraduate education.

The William F. Buchanan Christ Fund

Renewable for up to four years and awarded to one recipient each year. The amount of the scholarship is equal to up to $2000 per semester.

The Annabelle Jones Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 one time non-renewable scholarship awarded to a minimum of one recipient. The number of additional scholarships that may be awarded in a specific year will be determined by the amount of additional funds available. NOTE: Additional scholarships may be awarded in varying amounts.

Pastor's Honor's Disciples


Sis. Rachel Hardaway, Coordinator

Mission: To encourage students in the importance of a quality Education.


To participate in the program the students must do the following:

  • Be enrolled in grades K through 12 during the academic school year.
  • Regularly attend and actively participate in church worship, study and activities.
  • Turn in a copy of their report card at the end of each marking period

Child Learning Center


Sis. Tracey Davis, Director

The Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Child Learning Center is committed to providing quality child care services to the church family and the North Nashville Community. The Center is further committed to provide a unique environment for students and families to learn about young children through observation, interaction and research.