Worship Ministries

Worship Ministry
Karen Williams (Coordinator of Worship Ministry)

The Worship Ministry is responsible for creating an atmosphere and an opportunity for us to express our love to God for who He is, for what He said, and for what He’s doing. The ministry houses the Associate Ministers, the Music Ministry, the Usher/Greeters Ministry, the Health and Wellness Ministry, the Special Events Ministry, Children’s Church, the Dance Ministry, and the Drama Ministry

Music Ministry

  • Enhance each worship experience or other activities through the music ministry undergirding the spoken word;
  • Promote unity of purpose, deepening of Christian maturity
  • Increase musical awareness, knowledge and understanding; and
 provide constant nurturing and loving support of each member’s faith journey

Media Ministry
Gerald Scruggs – Coordinator

Mission: To coordinate the purchase, use of and maintenance of all audio-visual, computer, PA equipment. To record, duplicate and distribute the services, programs, etc. of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church.

Nurses Ministry
Mission: To provide first-aid services to congregants during church services. To provide opportunities for training in health-related issues.

Usher Ministry
Janice Williams – Coordinator

Mission: To promote the ministry of Jesus through…
Being good stewards
Maintaining orderly worship service
 Studying and promoting God’s word
 Creating a wholesome atmosphere to assist in the preparation of the congregants’ minds to receive and accept the gospel

Transportation Ministry 
Leo Washington – Coordinator

Mission: To provide transportation for all church activities. To maintain registration and regular service of all church vehicles.