Angel Food Ministry

Patricia Jones and Dora Hemphill, Coordinators

This is a grassroots, self-help, community program dedicated to providing a high quality, supplemental food package to those willing to help themselves. There are two components of this program: monthly food distribution and community service. 

Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Food Source operates under the premise, Jesus said, “If you love me, feed my Lamb, feed my sheep.” (John 21:15-17) There are no eligibility requirements. This program is open to all members of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church as well as the surrounding community. 

If you are interested in participating or in need of food, you may contact any member of the Angel Food Committee. This ministry always needs volunteers.

Benevolence Ministry

Wenford Barnes and Betty Jones, Coordinators

The Benevolence Committee is a vital link between a needy world and Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church. This committee mobilizes resources and provides services to persons within and beyond our church walls who are experiencing health or welfare crises.

The aim of the Benevolence Committee is to encourage wholeness and empower people to care for themselves and for others. The purpose of the Benevolence Committee is to make God’s grace and love real to others.

Child Learning Center

Lisa Jackson, Director

The Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Child Learning Center is committed to providing quality child care services to the church family and the North Nashville community. The Center is further committed to provide a unique environment for students and families to learn about young children through observation, interaction and research.

Evangelism Ministry

Ronald Morgan, Minister of Evangelism

The Evangelism Ministry serves to spreading the gospel throughout the community and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This ministry houses the Faith Evangelism Ministry, Nineveh Ministry, Boy Scouts Ministry, and the Transportation Ministry

Love Kitchen

Mission: To provide nutritional support. A hot lunch high in nutrition is served on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon.  This outreach ministry provides a way for Christians to “reach up to God by reaching out to humanity.”

Ninevah Ministry

Vernita Smith, Coordinator

Mission: To provide a holistic ministry from the church to the community (Cheatham Housing Complex & Buena Vista Elementary School). To introduce Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him; and for those who have accepted Him as personal Savior, to lead them to develop a Christ-like attitude in their daily life. To help others develop skills that will enable them to function at their highest level