Diakonos Ministry

Onie Moore, Chair of the Deacon Ministry
Catherine Majors & Reba Simmons, Co-Chairs of Deaconess Ministry

Mission: To serve as the Biblical custodians of the Baptist church expressing basic concern for the spiritual life of the congregation. To exemplify Christian lifestyle through the demonstration of character, commitment to evangelism and teaching. To guard the tradition of faith assisting members in their spiritual pilgrimage and providing humanitarian assistance when requested.

Prayer Ministry

Deacon Ann Groves – Coordinator

The Prayer Ministry believes in the power of prayer. This ministry comes together to pray for the needs of the members, the church, the community, and the world.

Pastoral Care Ministry

Jeanine Miller PhD – Director of Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry is responsible for looking after the needs of the church and the congregation, especially in assisting them with their personal needs and concerns. The ministry houses the Diakonos Ministry (which is the Deacon and Deaconess Ministries) and the GriefShare Ministry.

Trustee Ministry

Donetta Butler, Chair

Mission: To manage the church’s properties, equipment and other material welfare as well as spiritual matters. The trustees are also entrusted with all legal matters of the congregation.