Young Adult Ministry
Joe Tribble, Minister of Youth

Mission: To study and spread the Word of God, to nurture and develop young Christian adults and their gifts for discipleship, to reach out to our communities through service projects, to promote Christian values, and to provide a forum to address social issues through our four sub-ministries: College Ministry, Social Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, and Outreach Ministry.

Youth Ministry

Mission: The Youth Ministry teaches teens in grades 7-12 the revealed Word of God. It provides an atmosphere for their faith to be nurtured, provides opportunities for Christian fellowship with other believers, helps build moral and ethical character, instills Christian values, and helps them to develop intellectually, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. This ministry teaches teens what it means to be an African American, to be proud of our heritage, and to develop personal relationships with Senior Members

Children Ministry
LaDonna Tatum Director of Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry teaches children – kindergarten through 6th grade – the revealed Word of God and how it applies today. The ministry provides opportunities for Christian fellowship with other believers to help build moral and ethical character and instill Christian values.

Scout Ministry
James Mason Jr., Flex Beams & Nestle Harris, Co-Coordinators

Mission: To promote the sound values of scouting with the boys at FABC. These values represent God, country, family and self. We further intend to be an outreach ministry to boys and their parents within the community, while welcoming them to become apart of our spiritual body.