Christian Education Ministry

Melvina Blanch, Minister of Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry is a ministry that supports and undergirds all other ministries. The Christian Education Ministry engages people in the understanding of Jesus’ commandments to love God and to love neighbor while helping people experience life in Christ so they can witness His love to the world. The ministry houses Church School, New Members Orientation, Christ Fund/Annabelle Jones Scholarship, Vacation Bible School, PHD – Pastor’s Honor Disciples, and the Child Learning Center.

Brotherhood Keeper Ministry

Rev. Julius Turnipseed Coordinator

Mission: To provide programs and activities geared towards developing the spiritual growth of men in the church and the community. We seek to develop/enhance our commitment to answer God’s call to serve, promote brotherly love and assist in the mission of the church towards strong, spiritual family environments

Sisterhood Ministry

Phyllis Moore – coordinator

Mission: To find our place in God’s plan by…

  • Loving God – through worship and praise (Psalms 95:6)
  • Loving ourselves – through fellowship, encouragement, and support (Psalm 100:3)
  • Loving our neighbors – through fellowship, encouragement, and support (II Cor. 1:4; Phil. 2:1-4)

Forever Young Ministry

Bettye Burgess, Coordinator

Mission: To provide an entertaining fellowship for all members and friends of the community that have reached the age of 55 or above. Primary meeting is on Tuesdays at 10:30 am in the Enoch Jones Activity Center.

Family Life Ministry

Marcus and Leah Lyons – Coordinator

Mission: To provide quality programs that will meet the needs of the Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church families. To offer activities which focus on the role of the church in reversing the negative trends that impact African-American families. These activities are scheduled at various times throughout the year and include all age groups.